Woman, Calling Herself Harry Potter, Arrested After Killing US Judge

The deadly incident that took place on Friday resulted in the death of a US federal judge and the injury of a boy, whose condition remains unknown. The alleged perpetrator was arrested the next day.

While under the influence of recreational designer drugs commonly known as “bath salts”, Nastasia Snape fatally struck federal judge Sandra Feuerstein with her car and seriously injured a six-year boy on Friday, when she drove off the road and onto the pavement.

According to the police, 23-year-old Snape called herself ‘Harry Potter’ when police arrested her on Saturday for the deadly hit-and-run. Officers added that they found a strong synthetic drug in her car, according to CNN.

Witnesses told the police that Snape had been driving “erratically”, bypassing other cars on a busy road, before driving onto the pavement and hitting federal judge Sandra Feuerstein. After that, Snape drove back onto the road, knocking down a 6-year-old boy at a pedestrian crossing.

The 75-year-old Feuerstein, a US district judge in New York, died at Delray Medical Center; the boy was delivered to hospital. There is no information about his condition.

Police said the woman fled to nearby Delray Beach, where her car crashed. In the ambulance, Snape started screaming and fighting with the medics, claiming she was Harry Potter, after which she was injected with sedatives.

Snape is facing multiple charges, including vehicular homicide; she was detained on Sunday on $60,000 bond.

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