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Video: Israeli Air Force Strikes Gaza in Retaliation for Earlier Rocket Launch

Israeli aircraft were reported performing airstrikes in the Gaza Strip early Friday morning, hours after a rocket was fired from the territory toward Israel.

Observers in Gaza reported a series of airstrikes on Friday. They filmed explosions and recorded sounds of jet fighters screaming overhead.

The jets have reportedly struck an observation point in central Gaza east of Khan Yunis. There have not been any reported casualties yet.​

​On Thursday, which was Israeli Independence Day on the Hebrew calendar, a rocket was fired from the Gaza Strip reportedly by Palestinian Islamic Jihad and impacted uninhabited territory in southern Israel.

​”In response to the rocket fired from Gaza at Israel earlier tonight, IDF fighter jets and attack helicopters just struck a Hamas weapons manufacturing site, a weapon smuggling tunnel and a military post,” the Israel Defense Forces tweeted shortly after the strikes were reported. “We will not tolerate any threat to Israeli civilians.”

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