US Expands Probe Into ‘Directed-Energy’ Attacks to Mainland, Reports Say

MOSCOW(Sputnik) – US officials are investigating suspected “directed-energy” attacks on government personnel in the country, Politico reported citing unnamed officials familiar with the situation, following a string of alleged incidents abroad.

The probe is part of a broader investigation that came to light after several US diplomats and spies in Cuba reportedly sustained some form of brain trauma in 2016.

Two Pentagon officials, Politico said, briefed the House armed services committee last week about suspected attacks in Washington DC, Alexandria and Miami.

In Miami, several government officials claimed last year to have experienced similar symptoms as diplomats in Cuba, the news outlet cited people familiar with the probe as saying.

A senior National Security Council official reportedly came under attack in 2020 while walking to his car from the south lawn of the White House, while another Council official was allegedly hit walking a dog in Alexandria in 2019.

The attacks are hard to prove or track given their nature, Politico admitted, but Pentagon briefers said that China and Russia were identified as “likely suspects.” The Russian Foreign Ministry has dismissed similar claims in the past as “totally absurd.”

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