Superspreaders: Police Having Tough Time as 3,000 COVID Patients Untraceable in India’s Silicon City

India on Wednesday witnessed a massive surge of 379,257 new coronavirus cases and 3,645 deaths, thus marking the biggest single-day spike since the onset of the pandemic.

In Bengaluru, India’s  ‘Silicon City’, authorities are having a tough time tracking and providing help to over 3,000 people who have tested positive for COVID-19, a police official said on Thursday.

Speaking to Sputnik, a senior Bengaluru police official said that the police department is finding it difficult to trace coronavirus-positive people as they have switched off their cell phones. 

“By doing such things, they are not letting people or authorities know about their whereabouts. Since they switched off their phones, our department and even health workers are also finding it difficult to trace them and help them,” the officer said. 

He further mentioned that these missing individuals are contributing to superspreaders as they rush to hospitals in search of oxygen, Intensive Care Unit (ICU) and beds only when their condition worsens, making matters worse for themselves and for others.

Karnataka State Minister R. Ashoka also said the medicine being given by the government can help them.

“We are giving free medicines to the people, which can control 90 percent of cases, but they (Covid-infected people) have switched off their mobile phones. They reach hospitals in a critical stage. This is what is happening now and should not happen,” Karnataka Revenue Minister R. Ashoka said.

Karnataka, the state where Bengaluru is located, on Wednesday recorded 39,047 COVID-19 cases, its biggest single-day spike so far. Karnataka is currently under a two-week lockdown. 

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