Origin of Blood Inside Lil Nas X ‘Satan Shoes’ Disclosed by the Shoe Maker

American rapper Lil Nas X has earlier announced a pair of satanic-themed shoes following the release of his “Montero” music video that features the artist falling to hell and giving a lap dance to the devil.

Daniel Greenberg, a co-founder of MSCHF, the company that created the viral “satan shoes” in collaboration with rapper Lil Nas X, explained whose drop of blood is mixed with the red ink inside each pair’s transparent soles.

“Myself and some of my co-workers,” the co-founder of the Brooklyn-based collective said, according to Complex.

The viral pentagram-toting sneakers are basically Nike Air Max 97s, modified by MSCHF in several ways, such as the addition of inverted cross on the tags, a written reference to the Bible verse Luke 10:18, and the soles being filled with red ink that also allegedly has a drop of human blood in it.

Greenberg did not disclose how he and his colleagues collected the blood, saying only it was “not the best way, to say the least”.

Netizens Shocked as ‘Satan Shoes’ Made With Real Blood Touted Online“I could tell you; it’s just kind of graphic. But, like, not by any means a good way of doing it,” he added.

Greenberg also said that one of the benefits of using human blood in the product is that it avoids complaints from animal-rights groups.

The creative group, however, did not avoid provoking outrage from Christian activists and this is not the first time MSCHF’s products have sparked a backlash. In 2019 the company released Jesus-inspired custom Nike Air Max 97 sneakers that had holy water in their soles.

This time, however, the religious-themed product’s viral effect was even stronger. South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem entered a spat with Lil Nas X over the shoes, throwing a Bible verse at him and talking about a “fight for the soul of our nation”.