Mother of Three Murdered Toddlers Arrested by LA Police, Considered ‘Sole Suspect’

The Los Angeles Police Department has announced that an investigation into the chilling incident has been launched. The motives of the suspect were not immediately clear.

Three children were found dead in the Reseda neighbourhood of Los Angeles, California,  the Los Angeles Police Department said on Saturday, with media reports suggesting that the kids were stabbed to death.

All deceased children appear to be under the age of 5, with the cause of death yet to be determined. Earlier, reports by FOX 11 suggested that bodies of three “toddlers under the age of 3” who were stabbed to death were discovered on scene after police officers arrived.

The motive of the suspect also remains unclear, with LA police considering a female Hispanic 30 years old named Liliana Carrillo, who is the mother of the killed children, to be a “sole suspect” in the case.

She was taken in custody in the Ponderosa area of Tulare County. According to the information earlier received by the police, she committed a carjacking in the Bakersfield area and was suspected to be driving in a stolen Silver Toyota pickup.

​​The Los Angeles Police Department received reports of possible stabbing at around 9:30 a.m., local time. All three children were pronounced deceased by the LA City Fire Department personnel at scene.

There were no additional immediate details available.

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