MI6 Hiring James Bond-Inspired Tech Chief to Put Spy Agency at ‘Leading Edge of Digital Innovation’

MI6 chief Richard Moore earlier revealed in an interview for Times Radio that the secret service would be looking to recruit someone to lead its technical team, in a role inspired by the tech whizz portrayed in the James Bond films.

Britain’s Secret Intelligence Service, also known as MI6, is advertising for a new real-life “Q” – a tech guru inspired by the gadget mastermind in the James Bond films.

Richard Moore, the head of MI6 ( Military Intelligence, Section 6) even went on Twitter to clarify just who the agency was seeking to hire.

​Acknowledging that they had decided to go along with the name “Director General Q”, in a nod to the spy saga, he said on Thursday that the agency was headhunting for someone able to harness the “operational technology of the future”.

In the Bond film series, “Q” was able to provide agent 007 with an array of gadgets ranging from an Aston Martin sports car with a passenger ejector seat to an exploding ballpoint pen.

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