Man, That’s Deep: How Taylor Swift Has Become ‘Greatest Philosopher’ for Westminster School

Many believe the golden age of human thought is over and that no one can challenge the great minds of previous generations. But this is not a fact – some people note they can find profound and unparalleled wisdom in the most surprising places.

How can modern philosophers and writers compete with Socrates, Confucius, Descartes, Shakespeare, Dostoevsky, or Goethe? Well, according to Harris Westminster headteacher James Handscombe, Taylor Swift is a good match for all of those noble minds.

“I think she’s really quite amazing — the way she carries herself in an industry that is male-dominated, the way that she says the things she wants to say”, Handscombe told The Times. “That her songwriting is telling her own stories and that they are gloriously the stories of a young woman negotiating the 21st century, is a great example for our young people”.

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