Keir Starmer Spotted at Wallpaper Selection at John Lewis Amid BoJo Flat Revamp Scandal

Starmer’s move comes amid the ongoing investigation by Britain’s Electoral Commission into the refurbishment of BoJo’s Downing Street flat.

UK Labour Party leader Keir Starmer has apparently trolled UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson by visiting a John Lewis department store and browsing the selection of wallpaper there.

According to the Daily Mail, BoJo and his partner Carrie Symonds have allegedly branded the prime minister’s Downing Street flat a “John Lewis nightmare”, so Starmer’s move looks like a “subtle dig” at that claim.

​Starmer’s actions have elicited a mixed reaction online, as while some netizens appeared amused by them, others didn’t seem particularly pleased with the Labour chief’s stunt.

This development comes as Britain’s Electoral Commission launches an investigation into the refurbishment of Johnson’s Downing Street flat, with the commission saying that there were “reasonable grounds” to suspect an offence may have been committed.

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