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Israel Reveals Video of IDF Strike on Gaza Strip in Response to Earlier Rocket Fire

Netizens earlier posted videos of the IDF airstrikes, claimed to be filmed from the ground in Gaza itself. The Israeli military claims to have targeted a training facility, an anti-aircraft missile launcher post, and a concrete production plant allegedly belonging to Hamas.

The Israel Defence Forces (IDF) have published a video showing the moment its missiles hit targets in the Gaza Strip as part of Tel Aviv’s retaliation for rockets fired from the enclave towards Israel on 15 April. The footage, which was apparently shot from either an attack aircraft or a drone, shows three structures being blasted to pieces by Israeli missiles.

The IDF said it targeted a Hamas-operated training facility, a post armed with anti-aircraft launchers, and a concrete production plant, along with tunnel infrastructure. Other videos earlier published by netizens presumably showed the attacks from a different angle.

The airstrikes were initiated by Tel Aviv in response to a rocket launch from the territory of the Gaza Strip, but which landed in a field on Israeli territory, harming no one.

Gaza remains a mostly Palestinian-populated enclave separated from the rest of the territory under the Palestinian Authority. Hamas effectively controls the strip from where it routinely launches mostly small-scale attacks using unguided rockets.

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