Is Marvel’s Arch-Villain in the New Captain America Comics Inspired by Jordan Peterson?

‘What the hell’ was Jordan Peterson initial reaction after a social media follower shared an image from the new Captain America comics centred around Nazi-era villain Red Skull, suggesting that some of the anti-hero’s preaching, including ‘Ten Rules For Life’, resembled the psychologist’s works.

At first Canadian professor and psychology guru Jordan Peterson was shocked that his philosophy could have acted as inspiration for the wicked ideas of Captain America’s archenemy Red Skull, but now the famed speaker seems to have embraced the irony.

The “villain” thread started when a Twitter user replied to Peterson’s post about the “insanely bullying and self-righteous culture” The Atlantic magazine “has helped develop”.

The user shared an excerpt from ‘Captain America Vol 9 #28’ comics released on 31 March written by The Atlantic contributor and Marvel Comics author Ta-Nehisi Coates, which features Nazi-inspired villain Red Skull talking about ‘Ten Rules for Life’ and ‘Chaos and Order’ – in a cryptic nod to the Canadian professor’s ’12 Rules for Life’ bestseller.