Indian Coast Guard Nabs 8 Pakistanis With 30 kg of Heroin Near International Waters

As per the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea, maritime boundaries represent the sea borders of a maritime nation which serve to identify the edge of international waters. Maritime boundaries exist in the context of territorial waters.

The Indian Coast Guard on Thursday apprehended a boat with eight Pakistani nationals close to the International Maritime Boundary Line (IMBL), officials have revealed. 

Speaking to Sputnik, a senior official requesting anonymity stated that the boat was found in Indian waters. 

​”The operation was carried out in coordination with the Anti-Terrorism Squad of Gujarat. We have recovered around 30 kgs of heroin from the boat worth INR 1 billion ($13.69 million) in the international market. The cost keeps escalating as it moves out of Afghanistan, where it is produced,” he said.

The officer further mentioned that the boat, which is still at sea, will be brought to shore for a joint investigation by various Indian security agencies.

“We will be checking the boat thoroughly for any more hidden items,” the official stated.

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