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‘I Feel So Untouched’: Aussie Wants to Make Hit Song by ‘The Veronicas’ New National Anthem

A lot of Australians really don’t like their national anthem, which was written by a Scottish-born composer back in 1878. Many argue it’s outdated, unrepresentative, and even insulting to the country’s indigenous population. But what are the alternatives?

An Aussie has made an offbeat proposal to substitute Australia’s “outdated” national anthem with something more fun and lively – namely, The Veronicas’ legendary 2007 single “Untouched.”

According to Ella Walden, who has launched a petition to make the pop hit the country’s new hymn,  “Advance Australia Fair” – written by Peter Dodds McCormick over a century ago – doesn’t represent her country’s “rave-like culture.” She argues that it’s old, has very little rhythm, and a lot of its lyrics just don’t make sense.

“I have proposed a much greater song that represents Australia in a better way, that everyone likes and is inclusive to all Australians, as well as making other countries jealous of our incredible national anthem,” the Aussie wrote on alongside the petition 

“Not only does it represent Australia’s hard partying style, it was written by 2 people who were born in Australia, automatically making it a much more fitting anthem,” Walden suggests.

She also cites “studies” she’s conducted herself that claim “100% of Australians like this song.”

The single, which instantly became an international hit upon its release in 2007 by twin sisters Jessica and Lisa Origliasso, is apparently the perfect alternative “to represent all of Australia and is what everyone will call a ‘bop,'” the activist believes.

“Advance Australia Fair” has indeed suffered its fair share of criticism in the past, even prompting the authorities to substitute the line “we are young and free” from its opening couplet with “we are one and free” from 1 January 2021 in a nod to the country’s Indigenous history. But many are still unhappy with the song. 

Walden hopes that the lyrics from The Veronicas single with its catchy “I feel so untouched and I want you so much” chorus will chime more with Australians.  

At the time of writing, the petition was still short of reaching its target of 100 signatures.

The iconic pop duo says they weren’t aware of the petition until this week but were ready to “give it a signal boost for sure.” They really like the idea.

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