Hunter Biden Describes in Detail His Family’s 2019 Intervention amid His Crack Addiction

Hunter Biden has been in the spotlight over the last two years for being appointed to highly-paid positions with Chinese and Ukrainian companies while his father was vice president.

US President Joe Biden’s son Hunter has described in detail how his family staged an intervention when he was addicted to drugs in his forthcoming book “Beautiful Things.”

Biden Jr.’s long-awaited memoir is slated to be released on 6 April – he’s currently under several investigations and caught up in multiple scandals.

“One day out of the blue … my mother called,” Hunter wrote, describing how he was in a motel room at when his mother told him that there would be a “family dinner at the house, that I should come, even stay in Delaware for a few days.”

The book then details how he walked into the house, noticed his daughters and “knew then that something was up.”

“Naomi had come in from New York, where she was in law school at Columbia; Finnegan came in from Philadelphia, where she was at Penn; and Maisy, then a high school senior, had come over from Kathleen’s house in Washington,” he writes.

His father, now-President Joe Biden, who was then on the verge of announcing his presidency bid told his son according to the book that he did not know “what else to do.” “I’m so scared. Tell me what to do,” Biden Sr. said, adding that he then replied, “Not f****** this.”

Hunter then described the situation as an “agonised debacle,” adding that he told his father to “never ambush me like this again” and attempted to leave the house.

His daughters then blocked him from getting into the car, the book reads, and his father grabbed him in a hug and “cried for the longest time.”

During an interview with CBS, Hunter said that “the only thing” he could think was that “I need to figure out a way to tell him that I’m going to do something so that I can go take another hit.”

​The president’s son then agreed to be taken to a local rehab centre by his brother’s widow Hallie Biden, but instead of checking in after she dropped him off, he found a hotel near BWI Airport and smoked crack. He then boarded a plane to California, the book reads, and “ran and ran and ran.”

In his soon-to-be-released book, Biden Jr. son confesses he used money he earned while serving on the board of Ukrainian gas company Burisma to buy drugs and alcohol.

Hunter said he became addicted after Memorial Day in 2016 when someone offered him drugs and eventually reached the point where he was buying crack cocaine from a homeless woman. His addiction then escalated, as he describes he “was smoking crack every 15 minutes” before his family acted. 

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