Head of French Foie Gras Producers’ Group ‘Shocked’ Over UK Plans to Ban Imports of ‘Barbaric’ Product

At present, 90 percent of the world’s foie gras comes from geese, rather than ducks, which was previously the preferred bird of choice. France remains the globe’s largest producer, consumer, and exporter of the delicacy, with up to 200 tonnes a year being delivered to the UK.

Marie-Pierre Pe, the head of France’s foie gras producers’ association, has expressed frustration over the UK government’s plans to ban imports of the foodstuff.

“I am shocked and I deplore the fact that the freedom to sell a perfectly healthy product defined under international conventions is threatened”, she was cited by The Guardian as saying.

Pe, who is at the helm of the Comite Interprofessionnel des Palmipedes a Foie Gras (CIFOG), also rejected allegations that the process of force-feeding geese or ducks makes the birds suffer.

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