‘Havana Syndrome’ Strikes Again: Mystery ‘Energy Attacks’ Against US Staff Surge, Says Senate Intel

Earlier, media reports claimed Federal agents were investigating two possible ‘attacks’ on US soil involving the use of ‘directed-energy’ weapons, including one near the White House last November, and a separate incident in 2019 in a Virginia suburb.

Invisible ‘energy attacks’, like the one that purportedly caused debilitating symptoms among US government personnel in Havana, Cuba, and elsewhere around the world are believed to be on the rise again, according to the Senate Intelligence Committee.

“This pattern of attacking our fellow citizens serving our government appears to be increasing,” says a statement by Senate Intelligence Chairman, Democrat Mark Warner, and Republican Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida, who is also on the panel.

The statement, released on 30 April, was prompted by two CNN reports claiming attacks similar to the original 2016 incidents in Cuba, dubbed “Havana syndrome”, had taken place in Washington, including just outside the White House, and in Miami, Florida.

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