Harvey Weinstein ‘Technically Blind’, ‘Losing His Teeth’ in Prison, Lawyers Fighting Extradition Say

Former movie mogul Harvey Weinstein is serving a 23-year prison sentence, which he is currently appealing, after being convicted in New York City earlier this year on charges that he raped and sexually assaulted two women. His extradition to Los Angeles was delayed again after his legal team fought the transfer on Monday.

Convicted sex offender Harvey Weinstein requires a spate of critical health procedures to “save his teeth” and treat his failing vision before extradition, his attorneys have argued, according to TMZ.

The former movie producer’s legal team had fought his extradition to Los Angeles during a remote session on Monday, with Weinstein appearing in court via video from Wende Correctional Facility, near Buffalo.

​Norman Effman, one of Weinstein’s attorneys, was cited as saying:

“He is almost technically blind at this point and in need of surgery…and shots. He’s also had some major dental issues and he has scheduled, as we speak, we don’t know again exactly when, for some dental procedures to save his teeth. He’s lost, I think, four at this point.”

Earlier it was reported by Fox News that the disgraced film producer was secretly indicted on rape charges by a grand jury in Los Angeles a couple weeks ago.

The move was seen as seeking to facilitate the extradition of Weinstein from New York so that he can be tried.

However, his attorneys informed the court that the sex felon would agree to being arraigned on his Los Angeles charges remotely, as they citing the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, which would put him at higher risk if he were to be transferred.

Effman also added:

“The basic human nature of this case, it seems disruptive to undo what New York State has accomplished in its ability to care for a person, in their custody, and to ensure that he is receiving appropriate medical treatment.” 

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