Families of Late Daunte Wright, George Floyd Speak to Press as New Wave of Riots Hit US Cities

Daunte Wright was fatally shot in a sleepy suburb of Minneapolis about 15 km from the spot where George Floyd died last year.

Sputnik is live from Minneapolis, US where the families of the late George Floyd and Daunte Wright are speaking with local media following yet another wave of violent protests in the city, which was incited by the fatal shooting of the latter. 

Following the protests, a curfew was imposed by city officials until early on Monday, with local schools saying they will be holding classes virtually.

Wright, 20, was shot by police on 12 April while attempting to escape custody after being pulled over for a traffic violation reportedly related to air fresheners – the police officers involved also discovered he had an outstanding warrant. Law enforcement officials with the Brooklyn Centre Police Department announced on Monday that the officer involved in the fatal shooting deployed his firearm accidentally after repeatedly shouting “Taser.” The incident took place about 15 km from the spot where George Floyd died last year.

The trial against the officers involved in the death of Floyd is in its third week and expected to last for at least one month. The defence for the former Minneapolis police officer charged for Floyd’s death, Derek Chauvin, began on 13 April.


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