Delhi Chief Joins Clamour to Cancel Offline School Board Exams Scheduled For May

Students and their parents have sent a signed petition to the top demanding the exams be held online instead as COVID cases surge in India.

Delhi Chief Arvind Kejriwal has joined the growing chorus of leaders appealing to the federal government to reverse its decision to hold Class 10 and 12 board exams (matric and higher secondary) offline. 

The Central Board of Secondary Education, directly under the federal education ministry, has refused to do online assessments and said that students will have to show up in person for the exams, which are scheduled for May. 

However, several state governments, including those in Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh, have postponed board examinations that were set for May and June. 

“If CBSE board exams are held in Delhi then 600,000 students and 1,00,000 children will go to the examination centres which can turn COVID hotspots,” said Delhi Chief Kejriwal.

On 11 April, Congress Head Rahul Gandhi also demanded a review into the federal government’s decision to go ahead with the exams.

​Many students in the country, along with their parents, have sent a signed petition to the Federal Education Ministry demanding the tests be cancelled or conducted online.  

Bollywood actor Sonu Sood, who gained high praise for helping migrants return to their native villages, towns, and cities after the nationwide lockdown last year, has also come out in support of the students. 

​Hundreds of students have taken to Twitter to pour out their angst.

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