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China Says Competition Is Natural, But Should Be More Like Track Meet, Not Wrestling Match

The US president said in his first speech to Congress on Wednesday that his country was competing with China and others to win the 21st century. Moreover, he declared that the US military will increase its presence in the Indo-Pacific region in order to “prevent conflict,” rather than start a new one.

China has warned the US against imposing its values on other nations, noting that the two countries should move to a competitive model of relations, not a confrontational one, as US military activities are only increasing under President Joe Biden.

In his daily press briefing on Thursday, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin expressed a belief that it is natural for the United States and China to compete in certain ways, but both countries must not “beat each other in a wrestling arena” instead of cooperating.

“Cooperation should be upheld as the mainstream of China-US relations. It is natural for the two sides to have competition in some fields, but we should advocate fair competition, like competing with each other for excellence in a racing field, not beating each other in a wrestling arena,” Wang said. 

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