Charred Fragment Found on Oregon Coast Possibly From SpaceX Rocket

MOSCOW (Sputnik) – An object that may turn out to be a part of SpaceX’s rocket was found at the coast of the Alsea Bay near Waldport in the US state of Oregon, Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office said.

“On April 9th, 2021 at approximately 3:15 PM [22:15 GMT], the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office was made aware of what was believed to be charred debris from a spacecraft that washed up in the Alsea Bay near Waldport, Oregon. The debris was removed from the Alsea Bay by a fisherman and was briefly stored near a local business”, the statement said.

After a group of officials from local agencies arrived at the scene to examine the object and determined that it was not an immediate hazardous materials threat, it was decided to contact SpaceX.

“SpaceX was not able to determine if the object was a component of one of their spacecrafts, however it did appear consistent with a composite overwrapped pressure vessel. SpaceX engineers assessed numerous photographs and observations from deputes before determining the object could be safely transported”, the Shreiff’s Office said.

According to the local newspaper Oregonian, in late March, residents of the state saw streaks of light, which, according to the authorities, could be traces of the debris of a SpaceX rocket. Earlier it was reported that residents of Washington state saw the same outbreaks in the skies. SpaceX then took away a fallen part of a Falcon 9 rocket in Washington.

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