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Brazilian Plastic Surgeon Dances With Patient’s Flesh in TikTok Clip, Media Says

The surgeon may be stripped of her operating license if found guilty of medical misconduct.

A plastic surgeon in Brazil ended has been suspended after posting TikTok videos of herself performing dance routines with some seemingly macabre objects. 

The surgeon, whose name is Caren Trisoglio Garcia, is apparently holding “bags of human skin and fat” in the videos, the Independent reports, citing local media sources.

One of the vids features Garcia “holding a large piece of flesh with the caption ‘today’s trophy,'” while other videos were posted alongside captions like “this is the breast” and “this is underarm fat.”

The flesh supposedly came from the surgeon’s patients in the city of Ribeirao Preto.

Garcia has already been handed a six-month temporary suspension by the Regional Medical Council of the State of São Paulo, following a request from the Brazilian Society of Plastic Surgery, rendering her unable to perform surgery, the newspaper notes.

She also reportedly faces the prospects of her operating license being removed if found guilty of medical misconduct.

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