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Angered Palestinians Hit the Streets After Abbas Postpones Election

The 22nd of May was supposed to be the day Palestinians headed to the polls in their first legislative elections in 15 years. But Thursday’s decision by President Mahmoud Abbas has put an end to those hopes, triggering protests against his government.

It’s been several days since Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas announced that he had decided to push the legislative elections set for 22 May to an indefinite date but crowds in the West Bank and Gaza are still boiling with rage.

Thursday and Friday saw mobs of young Palestinians taking to the streets to vent their anger over the decision to call off the much-anticipated race, the first in 15 years. The projections are that demonstrations are to continue throughout the week.

Disappointed and Angry

For Emad Al-Khaldy, a 29-year-old resident of Deir Al-Balah located in the centre of the Gaza Strip, the main reason for this anger is disappointment and the realisation that the “dream of elections” will remain remote. 

“We wanted to participate in these elections to exercise our right for self-determination. But the president [Mahmoud Abbas] has prevented us from doing so. He has taken away our human and legal rights. I think it will go on forever, things won’t change”.

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